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The whole world loves Atari (Flashback 3 related)

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This should be in the Flashback forum, but I posted this here for you guys to read.



Monday 23 Nov, I'm in London St Pancras station, going through customs and with me I carry a Flashback 3 in a plastic carrier. You have to put all your stuff on a conveyor belt, case, jacket etc for it to be checked. Customs guy, maybe late 20s sees my Flashback sticking out of the bag, he's like 'wow great, look at that, ATARI, excellent machine!'. I'm responding, 'well, thank's a lot, I'm going to enjoy it', and that was that. Onwards I go towards Eurostar (train).


Arriving in Belgium, everything is on high alert, cops, army, machine guns and all that. And I have to get to another platform to catch the ICE back to Germany. Anyway, everything was searched as well (which normally is not the case, you just walk on, it's united Europe (except for the Brits)). So the Belgium customs police officer noticed my Atari Flashback sticking a bit out of my carrier, and I couldn't believe it, he's saying, 'ATARI, great console let me have a look please amazing', so I show him the Flashback 3, explaining how it works, games built in, and they are up to Flashback v6 already, and I want to collect them all. He says, 'I really want one too, you got it from UK'?, so I explained that I bought mine second hand from a game shop in England, GBP15, but ebay is also a good choice, as they are cheap. After checking my belongings he said 'Enjoy your journey and enjoy your ATARI', I said 'I will, thank you very much', and I'm on my way to my train, feeling quite pleased.






I had a bag full of PS 2 and 3 games, Nintendo DS games, PC games and Xbox games (approx. 30 different titles), but both customs guards didn't even mention them. Well, there you go, ATARI famous the world over.

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