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Some MIDI Games not working?


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Hello fellow Atarians!


I have a Mega STE and a Roland MT-100 (basically the MT-32 board with additional 'stuff').


My question is - how do I get 'certain' games to output MIDI that don't seem to have an option?


For example, Kings Quest IV, Heros Quest I output MIDI correctly (And sound good!), but they had a MUSIC.PRG that let me set the output.


Then I tried booting other games like Bomb Jack, Chopper X, and Karate Kid II, and I only get the YM sound output. They don't appear to have any music options (Bomb Jack has on/off as an option..).


Is there any trick? Perhaps an accessory I need running?


Thanks :)

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If game code does not have MIDI support, and there is no additional PRG or like for that purpose you simply will not have MIDI music at all. Music on/off option is usually for for YM. And if there is MIDI it is visible normally in settings, options. Not much of games has MIDI output, maybe couple % ,

Got it - I was trying a few that were listed on here and other sites as having MIDI output but no luck.. I'll try a few more and see what's going on.


In any case, pretty exciting to have this for the Mega STE.. YM output.. PCM output.. and now MIDI :)

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