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I was sent a Game Gear to be recapped that came to me DOA (besides the fact that it needed it's caps replaced). I have the video footage showing me opening the USPS package, and recordings of all the work I did on the console. Unfortunately, it took me doing the work to realize that Maxitaxi874 had broken the TFT screen's liquid crystal seal when attempting to repair the console himself.


I told him initially that I could replace the screen with an LCD but it would be more expensive.

In retrospect - this is my fault for not charging him first (which I'm not sure I can actually do since I'm offering a service and not a product). But after a week he only replied with "If you can't fix it then I don't want it".

The thing is - nobody can fix it. The screen needs to be replaced. But the only possible replacement for a GameGear screen, is a modern LCD which requires heavy modification to the console (i.e more work for me, more money in parts, etc.).


I told him that either way he needs to pay me for the work I've done. If he doesn't want me to ship it back to him that's fine, but I put the work in to recap the console. The right thing to do is pay me for my work. But he refuses to respond to any of my other PM's.


I hate the fact that my first feedback on Atari Age has be negative. But I put in the money for the parts and did the work. And he refuses to pay me.

If anyone wants more info, I'll be posting a YouTube video showing me recapping the console (it will not be a feedback video. Simply a howto) In case anyone wants to take a look at my footage. I can also provide screencaps of our PM history.

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