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:D yea


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Part of me loves seeing pristine copies of stuff like that... but I also love my beat-to-crap copy with the margin notes on every page that the previous owner cut and comb-bound so it'd lay flat... that's the one I want in the trenches with me when I'm hammering out this code. :)


Someday I'll have the space and money for both!

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My comb-bound copy came from a guy in Norwalk, Ohio, about an hour from here. I don't remember how I got in touch with him but he was selling off his system and I drove out there to pick it up. I got a speeding ticket within sight of his exit. He hadn't used his TI in years but was pretty into it when it was new, and he had a lot of printed out listings and programs saved to cassette. I got some of the other books in my collection from that haul, in addition to this one, and I think of him every time I sit down to work because his dot-matrix address label is on the front cover. :)


That's one of the things I like about cobbling together a collection from so many sources over the course of years. Each piece of the puzzle has its own story.

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