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The new HSC Blowout (Game 3) - Q*Bert

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From the castle to the pyramid, so to speak as the Q man himself must avoid the coily's that want to spell his doom. Finish coloring that pyramid off and then off to the next one.


Scores will be accepted until New Years Day (Midnight New Years Eve)


Scores for game - Q*Bert

  1. RoadRunner - 3,825
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Q*bert - 7,025




I've played Q*bert a bunch in the arcade, on the 2600, and even the Odyssey2 (Videopac) port, but I don't think I'd ever sat down and really played the Intellivision version before. Not a bad port at all. Q*bert has such an odd control scheme that I expected the disc controllers to present a problem, but they actually work pretty well here. In a lot of ways it was easier to direct Q*bert with the disc than with a joystick. My biggest problem with this port is that if even a pixel of Coily touches Q*bert, you die -- there's no ability to jump past objects like in the arcade. But otherwise this was a solid qube-hopping experience.

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this version seems really difficult to me! what williamc said about the collisions, but I'm also having trouble with the disc controller. I did start getting used to it, wish i had more time...


[edit:] I just noticed we have til New Year's :ponder: :dunce: rock on

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