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Have a question about Adam's CP/M - I figured out how to use config.com to modify the screen color, text color etc and I see you can change the smart key assignments but I dont see a way of making them go away. During my experimenting with Assembly I have had a few occasions where I output garbage to the screen and these key assignments disappeared, I got the full 24 rows on the screen and when I press the smart keys I get ^D, ^E etc. Anyone know how I can actually do this on purpose and ger rid of them on the screen, I would prefer the having the full screen and not see them. Does Adam's CP/M emulate any old CP/M terminals and use escape codes (was thinking this may cause it to happen too)?


Also as an FYI I just about have all code created to allow file transfers to and from CP/M via the Adamlink modem and will be posting them if anyone is interested.



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