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AtariVox not saving high scores in Wall Jump Ninja


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Hello. I am having difficulties with my AtariVox with the Homebrew Wall Jump Ninja. It appears not to be saving my high scores at all or only working sporadically. I've tested it both on my 7800 (with Genesis extension cord) and on my 4-switch woodgrain. I am also getting a random sounding blip or bleep out of the Vox when I crash on the lava or the spark sometimes. I wasn't aware the game used the Vox for sound effects but I seem to be getting a small sound out of it upon death. It seems to be sporadic though in that sometimes it produces a sound when I die, sometimes not. I managed to save a high score of 45 on easy, no lava, but a subsequent score of 20-something on lava, hard did not register.


I'm guessing the high score is saved the instant you die? Because that is exactly the moment I hear a "bleep" out of the AtariVox. I'll try to post a video tomorrow describing the effect. I bought my AtariVox from the.golden.ax in 2013 shortly before he fell ill.


If someone has a test ROM that will verify proper operation, it would be appreciated. I played Strat-O-Gems and it talks "One" "One-Two" "One-Two-Three" normally if I score combos, however I did not beat my old high score so not sure if it is saving properly, but it reads the scores fine. I own several other AtariVox homebrews if someone could suggest ones to try. I just haven't hooked my Vox up recently until yesterday.


Thanks for any info, not sure why the save feature was unsuccessful on Wall Jump Ninja.

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Video uploaded explaining the situation. I get bleeps when I have a GAME OVER, but apparently high score data is not saved. My AtariVox is reading high scores and producing sound effects from other games just fine, however it won't write high scores in Wall Jump Ninja.


Uploading video (35 minutes remaining):


Yes, I called it "Cubic Ninja" by mistake... :dunce:

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