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128GB PATA SSD drive on Falcon?


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So I bought these two drives as an experiment to see if I could get them to work with my Amiga A4000D, and haven't had a whole lot of luck with that. So I tried one on the Falcon today;





The first drive seemed to have worked at some point on the Amiga and I was able to copy my fat spinning drive to it, but then I couldn't get kick start to recognize it (probably 'cause the IDE -> SATA bridge board I bought broke, I attempted to buy a different one, but it didn't seem to work..)


Second drive, (PATA, 44 pin) I couldn't seem to get to work at all. Granted I had to use an adapter (tried two) that allowed a 44pin IDE drive to work on a 40pin IDE setup.


But now I've put it into my Falcon and ICD Pro 6.5.5 actually detected it and is now checking it for errors.


So my questions are as follows;


A) Is "Testing disk for bad sectors" going to take a lifetime on 128GB? Is there really any point in setting up the Falcon on a 128GB SSD? From what I gather, all other ST's have 512mb max partition size, and the Falcon has 1GB. Is that just the beginning partition (like on the Amiga, max first partition should be under 4GB) and others can be larger, or is that all TOS partitions?


B) I want to install MiNT, when I tried installing EasyMiNT in Hatari, it kept telling me that it needed a LNX2 partition, or something like that. I think MiNT uses ext2 if I recall, so I was thinking maybe 1GB for the first partition, and the rest ext2? Does MiNT support ext3/4?


C) How do I even partition this on the Atari Falcon? I've been trying to find the information for setting up MiNT for days, but it seems mostly empty, at least for English translations.


D) I do have an ultrasatan and netusbee on the way, but was probably planning on setting those devices up so I could swap between my 1040ST/MegaSTE/TT030. If I can get the drive covered for the Falcon with the 128GB SSD, then I can just swap around the NetUSBee when needed, and let the other systems use the UltraSatan.


Thoughts, answers? Any help appreciated, thank you!

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