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Rockball come to the 5200

_The Doctor__

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All of the games were suppose to initially work on the 800 and with the 5200 in mind.... eventually make their way to the Apple, TI, and the 2600 as well, at the time the 2600 was still very relevant! Rockball in theory would only ever have been allowed to have simple sounds from your own ship... in space you could never hear the rocks being destroyed (there is no air!) I often thought it should have digitized voice report Rocks destroyed or targets destroyed using one of the two methods that allow the screen to remain on and active... but where could we find the memory? with such constraining factors it wasn't to be done.... as time marches on I think Rockball Deluxe would have those things done.... same game with title, sounds and a few goodies sprinkled in....but still without explosion sounds from the rocks unless they run into you or you run into them....when you get destroyed is another story entirely


In any event here is the 5200 version, just a straight port with nothing extra. # is OPTION, * is SELECT and PAUSE is the space bar on the 5200 controller

Thanks to the generosity of our friend Paul at Playsoft here is Rockball conversion for the 5200.




Merry Christmas,

_The Doctor__


posted in Atari 8 bit forum as well

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