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Lynx emulators


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mednafen is the only one which supports full stereo (KLAX, Xenophobe, etc) correctly. And due to some nice sound driver the sound is superior compared to the original handy. Even so the code base is teh same for ell emulators.


Yep. Thanks to some unknown developer that kindly fixed the issues for Mednafen. Btw his username was also sage. What a coincident.

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what strange coincdence indeed.


yeah, its a pity that the code bases are drifting apart and no coherent fixing of issues is taking place. And there are quiet some issues.

I tried to back-port things to sdl-handy, but its already more than a a copy and paste action due to lot of code changes.

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Or a bit (from Tron).




Did you know that the Russians built a computer Mir with trinary logic. We had one at the university where I was studying in the 70's. The "bit" had three states. We were making fun of it that 1 = yes, -1 = no, 0 = I don't know.

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