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Fujiology Archive V2.1 is OUT!

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.tSCc. is EXTREMELY proud to present you the biggest Atari Demo
Scene archive there is entitled: Fujiology Archive V2.1. Based on the ashes
of the No Fragments CD-series we gathered together as many Atari Scene
releases we could find. The archive was compiled by yours truly (Lotek Style)
mostly during the last three years.

The collection comes on a 64 GB SDXC Card and is now about 62 GB in size. Why
is it so big? Simply because it combines nearly all of my previous projects
under one banner. It now features 11 sections: 8bit, Falcon, Graphics, Jaguar,
Lynx, Magazines, Music, Parties, ST, TT and VCS.


2.969 8bit Prods (everything is in .ATR or .XEX or .SAP or .PNG)

1.393 Falcon Prods

7.867 Graphics (Native atari format if available plus .PNG conversion)

492 Jaguar Prods

7 Lynx Prods

3.286 Magazines (ST, Falcon, Html and Textbased mags)

14.043 Fading Twilight (other music archives are SNDH and ASMA which are kind of
a bonus because I do not maintain them)

26.324 Partyarchive:
-all atari graphics have a PNG/GIF-conversion
-most musics have a SND/SAP/MP3 conversion
-everything single parted
-kept original as possible

14.644 ST/E Prods

22 TT Prods

212 VCS Prods

If you find any bugs or have missing files (marked yellow in the database)
don't hesitate to contact me.

You can download or browse the archive here:


signing off,
lotek style / the sirius cybernetics corporation
lotekstyle [AT] lotekstyle [DOT] de
31st of december 2015
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great archive:) But I can not download anything:( How does it works?

I'm guessing because the files are not online at the moment... Chrome reports:


The webpage atftp://fujiology.untergrund.net/users/ltk_tscc/fujiology/JAGUAR/ALTERWRD/THE_MAXX.ZIP might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


So, in other words, the ftp server is running, but the actual files are MIA. Maybe the file storage server is down?


Edit: Found this on the wayback machine. There's a Torrent file that has 1 seeder. It's only 6.4 Gigs compressed, and the release date is 2013. So maybe not the newest one, but 6.3 gigs of demoscene stuff should hold you over for a few hours.

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