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Need help on display Atari St 1040

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I just went through this same thing;


A) http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/monadapt.htmexplains a lot of it, and they make a cable that works great with some monitors.

B) I bought a Dell 2001FP (someone on the wiki found that newer ones (newer than Sept 2005, if I recall) won't work, so you want an older one. Or There is a huge thread about the NEC MultiSync LCD 1970VX working great as well. (I'll probably end up picking one up soonish to see which is better). http://atariage.com/forums/topic/230561-lcd-monitor-that-supports-st-low-res-nec-multisync-lcd-1970vx/


Your ST looks worse than my 1040ST, which just has what appears to be vertical lines missing. Good luck, hopefully it's just a cable/monitor issue.

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That image I see in your video is exactly how I see any PAL device connected to my NTSC-only TV


This is what I use to display PAL on my NTSC TV:




It works absolutely great, and it's dirt cheap. I use this little device for all my Atari/Commodore/Sega...etc systems to hook them up to my NTSC TV, and it works great with PAL signals. It's sharp and clear.

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