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Desolder gun Ceramic Paper filters- make your own?


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So after buying a few packs of these I feel like these are overpriced. I paid $10.xx for literally a 1 3/4" x 4 1/4" piece of material that is about 3/16" thick and has 10 circles cut-in it. Does anyone know of sheets of this you can buy? I can't imagine an 8"x10" sheet of this could be that expensive. I am confident I can cut my own holes.


Even if this came on a roll. This does not seem much more than a type of insulation cut into circles. It's almost like a gauze. Is this essentially ceramic fiber blanket but thinner?




How about this. 1/4" is pretty close.




I'll buy a huge roll of this stuff and start selling sheets of it so people can get them cheaper.



How about kiln shelf paper, this is a bit thinner but if I could find it thicker.




How about this: Ceramic paper gasket



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Following, interested to know what you figure out!



I am still researching "slowly" lol. I contacted a manufacturer which makes this type of material. What I didn't like was I spoke to a lead engineer who says the material I would need has a coating that prevents air from moving through it. He gave me a person to Contact. When I asked the contact about the coating he was all denying it and such at first. Then he admitted it was coated but air could still go through it.


What really turned me off was when he told me it burns right off and I could just take a blow torch to the material if I needed.... seriously dude you are a salesman? I still have the name and number of a 3rd person I have not contacted who is a distributor of the products who is 30 minutes from me. However after the torch comment I kind of lost all interest in their products.


I may still go see but this material is not the correct thickness anyhow. Not sure it would matter much as I have plenty of room in the filter pipe if I needed to add a thicker filter. Basically the stock hakko filters are like 4mm or just a tad bit over 1/8" and these people told me all they had was 1/16' or 1/4".


The original material I was looking at from them was 5mm but for some reason I was told it would not work... can't remember why/ It may not have been soft enough or high enough heat resistant. I'll do some more research. Hell if I had to buy a huge roll I could get my money back just from people here alone lol.


The guy was telling me it's like $2 a foot. I told him not a problem I pay $10 for a 4 1/4" x 1 3/4" piece right now. I can always just try and get a sample and see if air moves through it.

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Ok so I found some stuff that appears to work GREAT! I desoldered 3 eproms from 3 different boards. 2 was easy genesis pad boards and the 3rd was a through-hole snes board. All chips came out super easy. I then racked up some smoke as I wanted to make sure the smoke was being filtered as well. I kept checking the filter often and nothing got through.


This material is a bit thinner 1/8" but that doesn't matter as only the very outside gets dirty anyhow. I honestly don't even know what the guy gave me to test LOL. I will have to contact him again. He took me into his warehouse and compared samples to what I had and we settled on this stuff. I did a generic circle cut with scissors.


I will probably buy a roll but really need to address what this is going to cost. I know a roll is going to run me $400-$500 as I have to buy a whole roll. I then need to address how to cut circles fast, neat, and efficiently. I can cut a lot of circles from a 12"x12" peace.


I guarantee well over 10 circles for $10 :) Let me know if there is interest. Here are pictures of both sides "after I used it compared to an original Hakko. You can see the back side stayed perfectly clean.







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