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Star_Wars_Collector - Halloween Atari 2600 no label or label, which one is


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After 5 years of collecting I finally got one of the games I wanted from the beginning, Halloween on Atari 2600. The version I decided to finally purchase was the game with no label. Just a white sticker with the word "Halloween" written in orange across it. The story behind this version was that Wizard Video was liquidating their inventory so in order to save money they stopped producing labels and just wrote the names of the game on the cartridge. This raises an interesting question which i've never really seen an answer for. Which version is more rare? Of course the rarity guide has the no label version at an 8 and the label version at a 7, but in the description of the non label version it reads, "It is not clear which one is more rare"... Well in my 5 years of looking for this game waiting to finally get one for my collection I have seen a lot more labeled versions than non labeled versions for sale on the internet. Now this doesn't exactly mean that the non label version is more rare, but it stands for something. In the 5 years of collecting I have seen the label version for sale in a retail store but have NEVER seen the no label version for sale. It is a very compelling argument that I do not have a confident answer for. If I were to give my best guess from what i've seen over the years the no label version is more rare and hard to find. Either way it is unclear how many of these carts are out there and it remains one of the hardest to find games in the atari 2600 library.

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