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Bits and Bytes/The Academy


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Hey folks, I was surfing YouTube and discovered these old Canadian educational TV series on 8-bit computers from 1983. I thought it was really neat because they cover so many of the early models of computers, and you can see them on the show. For example: Apple II, PET, TRS80, TI99, ZX81, VIC-20 etc (see the 7:47 mark of the second video below). It seems that there were two series that ran in parallel with the same topics, one more basic (Bits and Bytes) and the other more advanced (The Academy). The Academy series seems more interesting to me, but I'll post both for completeness.


Bits and Bytes Episode 1: Getting Started




The Academy Episode 1: Getting Started




I'll most more episodes later.


P.S. Yes, I know the TI99 is 16-bit. :P

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