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Ultima I on eBay


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"There is a musty smell" to me means they weren't taken care of properly, and most likely the floppy disks don't work at all. Kind of hard to justify that price when they don't even know the games work, right?

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yea with apple II software, like many other old computers, its not about the game, you can get the game anywhere with the click of a button and a nanosecond download even on dialup, drop it on a floppy and have a physical item to file away


its about the package and teh swag


maybe that's why apple II people dont make great software collectors, with no carts and a giant portion of software being originally distributed in a baggie with a dot matrix label we dont have as many reasons to not just download it heh

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My original Ultima 1 disk works just fine. Folks, I've said it before, I'll say it again. I've got floppies from 1978 which are totally functional. And they show good signal strength going into the pre-amp - this means they should continue retaining data for years to come.


Even if the floppy worked would that be a regular price for these? That is WAY out of my budget! :lol:


Back in the day you might have paid anywhere from $19 - $39 depending on the game. Sometimes more for a productivity program. A regular price today would be whatever anyone is willing to pay.

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