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"4 Jogos" by Dactar and "Dragon Fire" by JVP

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Hey, AtariAge! :-D I come with more scans that I notice aren't in AtariMania.


Recently purchased a lot of 3 games, a 4 Jogos cart by Dactar, Dragon Fire by JVP and Space Robot by Goliath (missing a label, it was cheaper than the others.)


The 4 Jogos game by Dactar is the green label variation, with the contact info on the end label and the green font. Mine contains "Skiing, Tennis, Free-Way, Boxing." It's in NTSC format.


The Dragon Fire game by JVP is I believe the standard variation, with art of two games on the front with the text "JVP Video Game" and "Video game cartridge made in Brazil." The back has a nice line of raised plastic which looks pretty "futuristic." It's also NTSC.


The Space Robot game by Goliath (scans not listed) is standard and is missing the front label. PAL format.


All together, they cost about $45 USD, and all work perfectly. I've attached scans of both Dragon Fire and the 4 in 1, as well as screenshots.


Notice all four games on the multicart were rebranded as "Dactari." This brings up the question: was there a ROM made with just "Dactar," or was everything under the "Dactari" handle?


The end label of the Dactar multicart says:


C. G. C. 45.468.261/0001-79


Would this be a contact number, or a model number, or something else?


Any questions, feel free to ask,

Bizarre Bootlegs

:grin: :grin: :grin:















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Hi BizarreBootlegs,

C. G. C. 45.468.261/0001-79 is the registry number of Milmar Industria, a company that is based in Manaus/Brasil. They produced Atari 2600 games and clone systems under their own brand- Dactar. The 007 Dactar James Bond console is one of the obscurest Atari item ever. No need to say that they did not release any original games.


Thanks for your scans and supporting AtariBoxed.com.



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