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Stability stress-testing


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Is there a particularly good programme or cartridge that can be left running to test the long-term stability of an A8 system? In the past I have just allowed 'Self Test' to run for long chunks of time, but have recently learned that entire feature was really a huge con by Atari to give a marketing edge - especially when it comes to memory testing the 130XE. I have also allowed the VBXE 'remix' of the 'OldSkool' demo to run for extended periods which by its nature is probably fairly demanding on the hardware and would presumably very quickly expose an underlying fault.


I wonder if anyone can suggest something better?

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It requires extra hardware for one of the tests, not all. There are many. Even has a little test for paddle pots. You can tell it to run for as many times as you want ( 24hour burn-in ). When testing is done, and you see a bunch of weird characters, that chip is a problem, but you usually know right away. It is how I found out I had a CTIA in one of my 600xl's. It also does not like my 600xl internal 64ram upgrade, even though it works fine. It is worth getting if you plan on doing repairs.

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