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splendidnut's Blog - BurgerTime Remake: The Road to DPC+


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After recovering from the holidays, I finally got a chance to sit down and work some more on this.

What's new in this update:

  • The display kernel has been updated to take advantage of the DPC+ capabilities. Mainly this affects the burger pieces on the level which now actually look like the finished burgers... both in shape and color. This is done by utilizing DPC+'s fast fetch and the ability to write to Display Data to create a frame buffer for storing the burgers.
  • Also using Fast Fetch allows color and bitmap of both sprites to be updated every line... as opposed to the previous version which could only update one of the sprite fully.
  • Updates to the enemy AI now allow Mr. Hot Dog to chase the chef around. It still needs work though.
  • Still thinking about how to implement a round-the-corner algorithm for the joystick control to help ease the movement of the player thru the level.
  • I'm still planning to use the 20/30 Hz flicker routine (seen in the Pac-Man 4k remakes) to display upto 6 detailed sprites.

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