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I thought it was high time to fix the giant ball of wires I had. I didn't get completely finished, but it is now a lot better. The INTV, Jaguar, and NES are now back in the garage. I thought it was high time to plug in my 2600. After all, my user name IS atari2600land. I had been using my 7800 for the few 2600 games I had been playing. Man, Zippy the Porcupine is HARD! I can't get past the second level. I also tested the second episode of Mr. Celery on the 2600. But first I had a hard time getting a clear picture. I decided to try flipping the switch from channel 3 to 2, and it made a great difference better. The picture is clean now, except for the lines that Mr. Celery had that were vertical when I put it on my Harmony cart. I just tried episode one on a cart I had made and it displays the same vertical lines. Must be a bB problem. I have the Stay Frosty 2 title screen playing as background music while I'm typing this. It has a clear picture. Most of my Atari 2600 games are in the garage in 5 separate boxes (what happens when you have over 300 of them.) My most recent purchases are in my room because it's too cold to stay in the garage very long to mess around with the Atari 2600 game box pile. I have them alphabetized. Box #1 is A-D and is at the top of the pile, and Box #5 is S-Z and is at the bottom. I'd say I want spring to come, but then that would mean the return of the moths.

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