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P-Boxes - How many do you own?


When it comes to P-Boxes...  

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  1. 1. How many P-Boxes do you own?

    • None
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five
    • More than five, but less that then ten.
    • More than ten, but less than twenty.
    • More than twenty.

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Okay, a lot of us here at Atari Age could be considered 'hard core" TI'ers. That got me wondering how many of us here are hoarders.... make that 'collectors', or just someone who feels more comfortable with a backup of two, three or more.... ;)


no, make that « Enthusiast » please... "Collector" is still pretty much an addict, and I would prefer to remain in blissful denial...


And while I do have only one PEB (shipping costs being the primary reason), I DO also have a nanoPEB... So is that 1½ PEBs?

(if there's anyone in the GTA that has one or more for sale, my quantity could increase PDQ!)

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I ended up with two in a deal because the one was locking up and neither I or the seller of the units really knew what was wrong. If I had just flipped the connector around, I would have found out the second unit was fine, just the connector had been opened up and put together upside-down by a previous owner. I have noticed one of mine has a different style disk-drive door than the other, though both need work.

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You hit that one perfectly, Vectrexroli--my problem is that the wife has set her eyes on reclaiming "my" basement space. . .

It is very important to always state over and over again, how "unhealthy" the basement area is. It is darker there, the air as "bad" and unhealthy and there could be mold. Don´t know if my wife really believes me though.

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