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Issues getting some 2600 homebrews to run on Raspberry Pi


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Just curious if anyone else has run into problems getting Atari 2600 roms to load using a RetroPie. For the most part, the majority of them will load, but ROMS like the two Donkey Kong homebrews, Pac-Man 8k, and a few others.


They just send me right back to the Emulation Station screen when I try to load them. Any ideas?

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Okay, after reading mckafka99's post above, I loaded up a bunch of hacks and home-brews into my RetroPie 2600 directory and gave 'em a try. All of them - even Space Rocks, which uses the DPC+ kernel, run great. Both of the Donkey Kong versions, Pac-Man 8K, Princess Rescue, Space Rocks, Medieval Mayhem ... they all run fine.


For what it's worth, my RetroPie installation is based on a fresh RetroPie SD image which I downloaded Saturday, then updated Saturday night (now that RetroPie 3.5 is out).

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I think I replied in your other thread, but I'm almost certain it relates to the fact that RetroPie uses a much older version of Stella (3.3, if I remember correctly). The most recent version main version is 4.7, less than 3 weeks ago.


Actually I checked this morning and have to correct myself - the version of Stella used in RetroPie is now up to 4.1.1. Not quite cutting edge but certainly much newer than I indicated earlier.

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