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New maps for Getaway!


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During the development of Omnivore (see my earlier forum post here), Wade of the Inverse ATASCII podcast (and Ripdubski here on the forums) has been testing the map editor. He has created the first new map for Getaway! using my editor.


The ATR image of Getaway using this modified map is attached below. The map is loaded with easter eggs.

Getaway is a classic scrolling map game written by Mark Reid and published by APX in 1982. I've interviewed Mark for episode 19 of the Player/Missile podcast (to be published shortly) and had Mark's permission to create new maps for the game.

Omnivore is still in heavy development, but has some hard-coded support for editing maps for Getaway. If you'd like to create your own map, you can start from Wade's version below or it will recognize most XEX or ATR images of Getaway. (DCM doesn't work at this time). I did most of my testing using the ATR from AtariMania:

If you want an XEX, you can use the image from: http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=1978

The editor will open into the map editing window and you'll be presented with the map editing tools. To test your map, you'll have to save it in the editor and load it into your favorite emulator or on real hardware.

Some tips that Wade and I discovered are in my development blog (although note that these limitations are not currently enforced by the program. I am planning to update Omnivore to check for these conditions):

  1. roads must be two characters wide, and must be on even boundaries
  2. roads cannot have dead-ends because the computer cars can't reverse themselves -- the game will freeze if a computer car reaches a dead-end.
  3. people (and related tiles like golf clubs) must be placed more than two spaces away from any road horizontally and more than one space away vertically -- the game will likely freeze because the computer will drive over these tiles and result in a dead-end.
  4. there must be a border around the map: all roads must be more than 24 characters from the left and right edges, more than 5 characters from the top and more than 6 characters from the bottom of the map
  5. the hideout must not be moved. Its location is hard-coded in the game -- any other hideouts seem to be ignored and the computer starts you where it is hardcoded.
If you create a map, post it here! Also, if you run into any problems with the map editor, let me know.


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Cool! Thanks Rob for the hard work involved in making this. Using the editor to create a new map for the first time, for a game that was never intended to have more maps, was extremely fun! Thanks for letting me help test it!


My current top score on my map, good or bad, is 2840.


I have attached a spoilers file with "easter eggs" and entire map PNG to this post for those interested. The map PNG is zipped so the thumbnail wouldn't display.



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