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Help with "unresolved symbols"?


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I'm working on a game, which worked fine before, but for some reason it isn't working anymore. The compiler says it encountered a number of "unresolved symbols". What are these, and how do I fix it?


Code is attached (not cleaned up yet, but ask me what a section of code is supposed to do and I'll explain it).

Wal Rush.zip

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You can attach .bas files and text files without zipping them. Then we can look at them instantly instead of needing to download them and unzip them.

Well, the .bas also needs some certain files in the titlescreen kernel to do the titlescreen. Besides, I think it's way more helpful to have the full source, so in this way, every entity could be checked.


Also, thank you, I didn't see that. I guess I need my IDE's font in bold :\

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