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TI-99 - DOCs, Manuals, eBooks, Lost & Found


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A games manual scanned at 480dpi  and offered as a zip of TIF images for you to print, pdf, ocr or just read.
ALPINER  PHM3056  1982
Speech and joysticks optional. 
Program by Janet Srimushnam.
Digital voices of Aubree Anderson and Cliff Easthom
Read the manual and see what to do with the green targets that appear- and what not to do.

My copy had the warranty rubber stamp inside the front cover so the ifc is offered twice- without the rubber stamp and (alt) with the rubber stamp.
My manual also included the European warranty tucked inside - not attached- so I have included a 600dpi scan of that- it was a single A4 sheet folded in half- I have scanned it as an A4 sheet so you can print it and fold it yourself.

(Ciro will be scanning the multi language European version of the Manual for TI99IUC later)

This is one of the better printed manuals- the pages line up quite well and the printed skew is usually under a half degree. The print is very sharp.   Someone in the UK at TI had to open up the cartons, open the boxes, extract the manuals, rubber stamp them, and then repack for retailers.

As a little extra for those who collect disk labels- a strange find- three flippies with the same style label across Databiotics commercial programs and shareware programs.  The scans are for RAG Micro Assembler Disks 1 and 2, Super Space 2/ Databiotics Editor, and for C99 compiler disks 1 and 2.

Coming next:
We already have good scans of the 52 page USA Video Chess manual 
[https://atariage.com/forums/topic/275379-ti-video-chess-documentation/?do=findComment&comment=3958578]  and the 36 page multi language European manual
Next project- which may take a week or two- will be the 88 page English/German version from 1979 for the TI99/4, printed in Holland ref MNA1937C479HC / 1104988.  By no means as sharp as the Alpiner manual- some might say blurry!  Printed specifically for sales in the UK and Germany for the TI99/4. After that some TI disk/cassette utility software manuals.


alpiner.zip dbt_disk_labels.zip

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A ZIP of clean hi res 480 dpi TIF images of the pages from the manual for:
This is the 88 page English/German version from 1979 for the TI99/4, printed in Holland ref MNA1937C479HC / 1104988.  The manual was for issue only in GB and Germany, and complied with the UK law on warranties at the time. As a sign of the times the manual also apologised for the program spelling colour as color.
The manual was for the 99/4 and the inside front cover and text are only for the 99/4- however I have included in zip part 1 a supplement giving the 99/4a keys to use.
The zip is split in two with part one the GB part and the front cover, part 2 is the German part and the back cover.
The TI Video Chess module ONLY supported cassette storage of unfinished games - if you wish  for disk storage you must obtain "Beyond Video Chess".
The module and manual were designed to allow the starting out chess player to make their first hesitant steps- but do read all the manual!

Next up will be manuals for some TI utility programs issued on disk or cassette- these usually relied upon data storage on tape or disk. First on the pile is PHD5023, Basketball Statistician, written in Extended Basic. Data storage on disk only, supports Thermal Printer and external printer via PIO or RS232 expansion.


VidChess79_EngDe_pt1_en.zip VidChess79_EngDe_pt2_de.zip

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8 hours ago, GDMike said:

How many chess in module games are there? I suppose none on disk

By my count- one, one.  Excluding 9640 Chess and simple board displays.

Quite a choice.   But you could collect the range of manuals for the module....

 Now for someone to correct me!

The disk program??  Sargon - a translation to 9900 assembly- disk attached.



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A zip containing clean 480dpi scans in TIF format for TI software written in Extended Basic and sold on diskette:
Requires: DISK MEMORY SYSTEM (Controller + disk drive)
Optional: Thermal Printer or printer attached to RS232 expansion unit.
Favorite quote: "The arrow keys move the cursor in the indicated direction. Pressing the up-arrow causes the cursor to move down."



basketballstats.zip bballstat.dsk

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A handy zip file containing hi res clean TIF images from the manual for TI Cassette Software:
PHT6008.  Also released on disk as PHD5008

The manual with the disk version had a different front cover, nothing else. Replacement pages for disk use are included as d01.tif and for convenience an updated d36.tif.  The disk manual still had two pages on using cassettes. For convenience d36.tif has added the disk file names to use- the actual manual omitted these. There is also an update on using CLEAR on a TI99/4A.  I will leave you the joy of recolouring the back cover for the disk version! (Cassette=orange cover; disk=brown cover).

Written in TI Basic.
Also below is the dsk image for you- recall this is in TI Basic so we don't have autoload yet.  

The files on the disk are as follows:
PHASELL = Phase Lock Loop Design
ROOTLOCUS = Root Locus Calculations
SMITHCRT = Smith Chart Calculations
FILTERS = Filter Design (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, Butterworth and Tchebycheff)

Does anyone know of anybody who actually used this software?

Read, print or PDF.  The numerous math symbols will be a challenge for any OCR work.





ElectEng.dsk ElectEngLib.zip

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My next manual will be the Maths Routine disk but first- I found inside it an addendum intended to be issued with all diskette/cassette TI Software (PHD and PHT series) - the manuals for these were never reprinted for the new 4A function keys.  Although the cassette software manuals had sections on loading from cassette, also covered in the Users Reference Guide, this seems to have been an area of user difficulty as this addendum used three pages on loading cassettes.

This is document 1051520-1 (Use with all diskette and cassette software manuals).

A choice of two zips for you- the 1 sheet zip has 2 pages per tif image, just print this at 600dpi double sided, fold and you have the original document.  The 4 sheet zip has the usual one tif per page scan to do with as you wish.


Although the page rules are parallel to the page edges, the function key table is slightly skewed- this is as per original.

4to4A_addendum_1sheet.zip 4to4A_addendum_4sheet.zip

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A little zip of hi res clean TIF images, from a 600dpi scan of the manual for:
TI Math Routine Library, PHD5006  1980
Also released on cassette as PHT6006 with the same manual contents, just an amended cover.
Routines written in TI Basic for:

Fourier Series- compute coefficients
Differential Equations- solve using fourth order numerical method.
Function Analysis- generate graphs, tables, find zeros.
Bases, Primes, Hyperbolics and inverse hyperbolics.
Simultaneous equations and matrix inversion.
So - not a set of routines for casual use.

And the dsk file can be found below.
There was a multi language  European manual produced which did NOT have English. Also none-English disk variants.


mathlib.dsk MathRoutines.zip

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The manual for TI cassette and diskette software:
Diskette- brown cover- PHD5010  document 1041557-551
Cassette- orange cover PHT6010, document 1041557-510
("In Case of Difficulty"- CLEAR on the TI99/4A is FCTN 4).

This zip file contains scanned pages in high res TIF format, including  the cover for the diskette version. Only the cover varied between diskette/cassette versions.

Written in TI Basic, requiring disk or cassette storage system.  Quickly identify the melody!  A game for one or two.   
Music is hard coded into the program as single lines of data - edit the program to change the music. Some of the included music I have never heard and could never identify- it is very American based.


Typical music line is:
You can shift between two octaves C to C (for the second C, instead of changing the octave use B#).
If that looks oddly familiar, it is very like the QBASIC PLAY format- TI uses + and - to shift octave, QBASIC uses < and >
TI use # for sharp notes, QBASIC can use both # and +
TI use % for flat notes, QBASIC uses - (minus).
Durations differ somewhat as TI use 2 for a half note but QBASIC uses 3 for a half note.
The program includes music that uses the ! but that is not covered in the manual and the program ignores it. Possibly a dropped feature.


For such a tiny TI Basic program that requires you to edit it to amend the music, oddly the manual says you cannot use "BACKUP DISK" in disk manager to make a copy. It also tells you to save an amended program using the same file name (use a different name!). No autoload of course.


Close inspection suggests that the manual I have is a recreation rather than an original as there are significant font variations- eg short ascenders, curtailed right bottom of lower case Ns etc etc.  The cover - which I have redone- was also extremely variant, with design and content errors- now corrected.   Most odd.

DSK file below for your exploration.


MysteryMelody.zip MystMelody.dsk

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I finally got around to converting @blackbox's awesome scans of the Electrical Engineering and Math Library manuals into PDF's for those that want to use them in that format.  Again, thank you so much @blackbox for devoting so much time and effort into scanning and cleaning these manuals for us.



Electrical Engineering Library.pdf Math Routine LIbrary.pdf

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A zip file of clean high resolution TIF images scanned from the manual for 


Software supplied on disk, written in TI Basic. 
Four separate programs, no auto load and no chaining of programs.
Printer optional (Thermal printer or RS232 printer).
-DISK SORT (checking account data entries)
-RAM SORT (Entries by ledger account number)
-ACCOUNT SUMMARY (Totals checks and deposits for each ledger account)
Important order of use: ENTRIES, DISK SORT, RAM SORT then SUMMARY.
Maximum 450 entries- 
Cleared checks and deposits can be removed.


The opening screens state (c)1980 but the code is dated May 1981.  No programmer name is given.


[A patch to make SORT1 faster appeared in 99'er October 1985 (Letters to the Editor from Robert Snell)   The SORT1 routine contains both a bubble sort and a shell sort but only uses the shell sort- to speed things up a bit (eg 15 mins to 2 mins) change these lines in SORT1 - keep a copy of the unamended code safe somewhere.:
880  RESTORE 200
890  READ T1$,T2$
900  PRINT :::T1$:::
910  INPUT T2$:SM
920  IF (SM<1)+(SM>2) THEN 910

Line 1130 must be changed to read:
1130 ON SM GOSUB 1190,1700   
endquote ]

DSK file below.


checkbk.dsk checkbook_manager.zip

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I know about the german "ID-DATA v2" software, and saw the manual before, but I´ve never seen the v1 manual.


As I found this in the Berlin´s dump, I scanned it :





And here the v2:



(I think this was scanned by Klaus Thiel, back in the days)






Edited by Schmitzi
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A zip file containing hi res images scanned from the manual for:
NOTE this is the manual for the early USA version which had disks with the usual brown labels. 

[There was a European manual for DE/GB in 1983 and separate EN and DE disks (DE="Lagerverwaltung").  The programs on the Euro disk differed from the USA version and a different manual was required. Note the German text was NOT a translation of the English text but a different presentation with different information. The Euro disks had turquoise labels. The early USA disk (BELOW)  had files UPDATE and DELETE  the later Euro disk instead omitted these (now in INIT).]

Requires either Personal Record Keeping OR Statistics modules. The disk programs are written in TI Enhanced Basic (eg with one of those modules plugged in) by Janet Srimushnam and dated March 1982.

Requires use of CALL FILES(1) except the CONVERT programs which require CALL P(8000).
All the programs use CALL A and CALL D, and the CONVERT programs of course use the  CALL G, CALL H, CALL S and CALL L subprograms.

Listing these programs is a great way to learn what to do to marry TI Basic programs and the Stats/PRK modules for data management.

Inventory Management allows maximum 900 items,  up to 20 categories, fields are predefined (modify the programs if you need to), description field is maximum 15 characters.  Intended for use with the Invoice Management package (next weeks offering).

There is a separate document available on the extra PRK/Stats BASIC calls (see "http://ftp.whtech.com/datasheets and manuals/Official TI addenda and data sheets/BASIC CALLs in PRK & Statistics modules.pdf").

The number of sales of this diskette may be indicated by Dutch and UK user groups "discovering" the extra calls four years later and spending a lot of time investigating them when a look at the programs on this disk would have revealed if not all, then at least a great deal.

The UK introduced a sales tax called VAT. TI rewrote their Inventory/Invoice packages for GB to include 5 rates of VAT- and totally ignored the category "Exempt" (not the same as 0%).

Here is also a  DSK file to download- this is the early USA version for which this is the manual.


inventmg.dsk InventMgt.zip

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