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Virtual Boy Issue?

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There can be a wide array of issues here.

The most common would be a cracked PCB inside, or the display of the VB itself being ajar.

The VB display is made of a row of LES that get displayed as line with a rotating mirror. This is a fragile part of a VB and get messed up over time without even dropping it down so... I guess the best you can do is to open it up or bring it to someoen you know with enough skills.

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Do you still get sound but no image or distorted image? The flex cable to the led board is known for this, the cable comes apart over time or from the shock and signal doesn't quite reach the led array anymore so some of the image are distorted or missing completely.


The oven trick usually works but not always. The led array used fine pitch so rewiring them would be extremely difficult.

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I guess Nintendo here used the same wiring solution that on the original Game Boy?

The oven solution sounds a bit extreme, there is lots of plastic in there. An approach with a clothes iron would be safer, as it can be done on the Game Boy.

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