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Ask Chris Cardillo of Coleco - ColecoVisions Podcast


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I found the podcast very interesting, transcribed a few key quotes here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/247145-coleco-chameleon-hardware-speculations/?p=3461804


Chris, you mention that you are looking for a real working system. Get in touch with someone like Till Harboum and Lotharek who design and build a reliable and working FPGA emulator system called MiST. Get them to tweak the design to make it more user friendly (while still being open source and hackable). You can license and sell multigame SD cards (can even have multiple systems on the same card), and get that thing shipped. Maybe as a console but the best would be a mini arcade box which people still go wild for. If the open source emulator cores aren't up to scratch, talk to Kevtris (who also has his own FPGA system design that hasn't been manufactured yet).


ZX Vega plus in the UK shows how much appetite there is for even a pretty expensive system that is well designed, evoking memories of the original, and that comes with the official brand name and a ton of games: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-sinclair-zx-spectrum-vega-plus-console#/

Sending you a PM Galax per Chris :)

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For games that they can't re-licensed, would it be viable to create a clone that has the same gameplay but new graphics?


For something like Smurfs game they should be able to change the smurfs to a gremlin or something like that, and change the music. For other games like Donkey Kong or Zaxxon, it would probably be impossible to make changes but still remain the same game.

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I would like to see a new flashback Colecovision with a cartridge port or a new powerbrick that can replace the old bulky one. That's the only thing I had in my mind.


A new power brick for the original console will never happen. They would never sell enough to make money.

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They could do a Flashback with a powerbrick compatible with real colecovision. I will buy a Flashback just for that.


Not going to happen because the original ColecoVision uses a power brick for 1982 computers, which uses 12v, +5v, and -5v. Any modern electronic device will use 3.3v and/or 5v.


They will just use an off the shelf power supply to save money, which will be 5v.


A lot of people here would buy a power brick compatible with the original ColecoVision, but it would be a big money loser to mass produce them because your average person shopping in Walgreens or Dollar General won't want that feature.

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