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voltage on pin 9 of controller port 1 and 2 on a 2600


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I'm not very expert in electronics, but why do you want to measure the voltage on that pin specifically?
It is connected to a capacitor and to one of the TIA inputs. The voltage of the pin depends on what controller was connected to the port (paddles and keypads apply power to that pin and so charge the cap) and what game is running (paddle games periodically discharge the cap and then measure the time it takes to recharge through the paddle controller). Moreover I expect that the multimeter itself will discharge the cap quite quickly even if there's some voltage left on it, so I think the reading won't be of much use...

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Essentially, that pin connects to a TIA I/O pin. With no load on that pin, it should be either a logic 0 level or a logic 1 level or a high impedance (input mode) which theoretically puts it at 0, or +5. Maybe some residual charge on the capacitor.


As a general statement, I don't know that I could determine anything by taking a DC measurement there without having software specifically configure the TIA output pin.


Not intentionally being unhelpful. I'm just not sure that a random voltage reading at pin 9 without software to specifically configure the TIA pin behind it would be particularly telling.


.001, I would take to be an active logic 0 or that I was looking at a pin configured in input mode.

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