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Testing a Model I Expansion Unit


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I have a couple of these. Supposed to be working. I can't really tell. I guess I could try using the disk drives, but I don't think I have any disks handy to test them with. I plan to try them out with the expansion units soon.


How can I test if the expansion module is working? I looked up a Peek (print peek(16561) + peek(16562)*256) to test the memory which game me 32000 or so on both units I have that work, with or without the Expansion unit. Not sure if that means that both of my Model I's are 32K or if it's nonsense.


Will an Expansion Unit with the tape backup cable (the noise bypass mod (DIN type)) work with a Model I that does not have that mod?

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You can just use "PRINT MEM" to see if the memory is working. It'll give a number in the 16,000, 32,000 or 48,000 range.


Not sure about mixing and matching Model I units with the different expansion interface cables. Couldn't find a handy reference, but I'm sure someone on the Vintage Computer Forums could help.



I seem to recall that mixing the two kinds can be bad.

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