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After chavert noticed a bug in the celery game, I took a long hard look at the game. Then, five hours later, I came up with a good enough version of what I wanted for level 2 (where the bug was). I am trying to make this my best game I ever made. It will probably be short compared to Princess Rescue and Zippy, but I showed myself I can make a side scrolling game for the Atari 2600. Watching a show about the big bang theory (not the situation comedy, the actual event), coupled with chavert's suggestion about having a fire level, I am going to make level 4 be inside a volcano. Why did Mr. Celery go in a volcano? I don't know. But he should be hopping on rocks inside and trying not to fall into the lava. I think I'll make the level more like my bird poop game, where fireballs are coming at Mr. Celery and he needs to dodge them. I also worked on making a title screen for the game. So I have been busy with celery all day long. Pressing fire at the title screen makes a pig go by. The l in "Celery." is Mr. Celery, and he runs away from the pig. Then level 1 starts.

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