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Help with configuring Joysticks on certain games on Hatari

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I tried (best I could anyhow) to help folk out with Hatari basics - http://ataricrypt.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/the-basics.html

(view the joystick / prefs screenshot there)


I don't know your joystick but mine's a USB joystick that I use on my Mac. I have to connect this first and then load up Hatari, otherwise it doesn't see it... Perhaps it's something that simple? Hope so! There are no USB drivers to load nor any TOS Rom requirements within Hatari - works for me whether I'm emulating STFM or STE. hth?



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Also, Why does ST Maniac Mansion always end up having a bus panic on me when trying to start up the game. Maybe its the TOS that I am using currently? Or it could be that the ROM is corrupt/buggy? Anyway, I have downloaded TOSus from emuparadise.com as .ZIP files, but it always comes up with the error message that the files are corrupt when I try mounting it!

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