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atari2600land's Blog - Bacon kept me awake all night


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I was up until 4 am last night working on I Like Bacon. I am at the point where if I add new stuff it would probably crash the game, so all I can do now is just make changes to the stuff I have now. I put in a high score function. Discovered some Odyssey 2 limitations where doing certain things glitch on real hardware and not emulators. That was fun. Not. I have used 1,829 out of an allotted 2,048 bytes. I have 219 bytes left, which is less than 256, which means I would probably have a real hard time adding something and making it work. But I am surprised it is working now. While I enjoy Odyssey 2 homebrew games, it is such a pain to program for them, so I respect those who do a real great job making homebrew games for it. (And I also respect Ed Averett, programmer of almost the entire O2 library.) So what did I do after I got the version down? Slept. Woke up at 4pm. Discovered some problems with the code I had done last night regarding extra zeroes upon repowering up the game. Fixed it. I get a much better cleaner picture if I connect the Odyssey 2 directly to the TV instead of hooking it up via the VCR. Yes, I have a VCR. Recordable DVD players still cost too much, right?

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