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So I went to the game store after my hair cut and I walk out with a boxed Fairchild Channel F. It's a System II. I don't know what that means exactly, but I never saw one anyway, so I bought it. Hooking it up was easy, but I discovered that the game is selecting #2 automatically. I tried to unscrew the system, but only saw two screws. I unscrewed them but the thing didn't want to come apart. Hidden screws? Well, at least I have this thing. I can select different games if I act quickly, but the G? screen goes away kind of quickly. I got into the doodle and quadradoodle games on cart #1. It's the only cart it came with. So I bought a couple more on eBay. I got a second cart #1. Just to see if it's the cartridge that is crazy or my console. I also got Blackjack, which I'm not really a fan of, but it came from the same seller. And also to see what would happen if I put a cartridge that isn't cart #1 in there. I wish I had the Pac-Man cartridge, but sadly, no more were ever made. Not even any more multicarts. Last post I saw from any Channel F homebrewing developments was back in 2012. So I hope this thing works like it should because I paid too much for it. I looked on eBay, and if you add postage, it wasn't too much over that.

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