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Homebrew Atari ST

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Yes MiST is great, I'm a big fan, it recreates the ST (and quite a few other computers & consoles) in an FPGA chip, complete with 9 pin joystick ports and MIDI: https://github.com/mist-devel/mist-board/wiki - It doesn't try to look like an ST, mine came in a bombproof little steel box like most stuff from Lotharek.


There's also the Firebee, which is a sort of successor to the ST, without much compatibility with the original: http://firebee.org/fb-bin/index(currently pre-ordering for a new batch, the first for a few years, may be the last)

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My own STE is pretty much homebrew, I bought a main board from eBay for £30, a dead STFM for £10, and modded the case to take the slightly different STE board. I then added Alan Hourihanes dual IDE interface and I recently added Exxos' 1.44Mb floppy mod, upgraded to 4MB of RAM and have a couple of other mods planned. So far it's probably cost me less than the price of a MIST.

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the MiSt is great for Atari ST, it will also recognize a USB to serial adapter so you can hook a serial device or null modem cable to another device and use 'tcpser' as the modem emulator to dial out at 9600bps.


MiST also works well with other cores.


I'm fairly new to the MiST but I use it almost daily to call BBS'.

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