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Anyone ever think about making a FROgger game? It could be a frog with an afro, hence 'FRO' being in caps in the title. Just something funny that came to mind when thinking of funny ways to pronounce some of the game titles. It could take place in the ghetto as well, maybe have some of the cars be low riders with chrome wheels :)

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Yep, funny thought. I get the idea, something to build on. And I like the idea of setting an environment, telling a story, - which most games does anyway, except perhaps something like Yahtzee.


I think Frogger has already been done very well by Parker Brothers. But sure, with a twist, good graphics and animation, intermissions, new ideas, themes, upgrades, - or simply a "short and sweet" implementation. I'll keep something in mind.



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the concept for FRO-HOs


Ladies of the evening trying to make it across the street to be picked up by a customer. For each lane they cross you get a score of $5.00, for making it to a customer you get $100.00


got to avoid the PIMPs as if they get to you before you get to the car you get a beatin! and loose all your cash.


Of course the PIMP has to be driving a Cadillac and in a Purple Zuit Suit!


So someone make it so we can get it on the HighScore of the month competition!

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or how about FRO-HO's eating HO-HO's. How many of those sweet treats can you eat in 60 seconds!


I think the fro-yos will click more with today's health-conscious urban, street-savvy irreverent youth who live large yet hunger for the next level in life. Hey... have you heard about the "chirp?"


Where you at, Dog!

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The game mechanics are very simple, our hero "FROger"-makes his way across the South Central L.A highway avoiding the voluminous traffic whilst in a dope induced state of invincibility, he makes it to the central reservation where he has to avoid drug induced "paranoia snakes", he then makes his way across a flood drain hopping over fast moving discarded shopping carts and burned out cars, he has the opportunity to pick up one of his "crack whore bitches" and take them back to one of his five safe houses for a good beating, he must however exercise caution-as the L.A.P.D can randomly appear in any of his safe houses.


Yep-that about does it.


Soundtrack to be provided by Body Count.

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