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SaveKey for Dummies!

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I noticed that reading the SaveKey at the very start sometimes failed for me (in about 1 out of 10 cases). Maybe it is a problem of my SaveKey, I'm not sure.

Anyway, by waiting a few milliseconds after startup (~80 scan lines), these problems went away.

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On 3/6/2016 at 9:25 AM, Thomas Jentzsch said:

I found no easy to use code for loading and storing on a SaveKey or AtariVox. Therefore I am presenting my code here.

All it takes are:

  • add the attached include file to your code's directory
  • define the three variables/constants at the beginning of the code
  • call WriteSaveKey for storing your score etc.
  • call ReadSaveKey for reading what you have stored


  • if you have multiple scores to store (e.g. different game modes), you have to modify the address used in SetupSaveKey.
  • the X register is not used in any i2c subroutine.
  • after calling WriteSaveKey you must wait at least 5ms (~80 scan lines) before accessing the SaveKey again.
  • update i2c v2.3 attached, fixes unwanted noise issues when using an AtariVox

skBuffer    = <score RAM>       ; define the RAM address you want to store
SK_BYTES    = <n>               ; define how many bytes your want to store
SAVEKEY_ADR = $xxxx             ; ask Albert for a free slot! 
    include "i2c_v2.3.inc"      ; a highly optimized (for space) version   
    i2c_subs                    ; this makes the i2c macros of the include file known to the code 

WriteSaveKey SUBROUTINE         ; total cycles = 1923 (for 3 bytes)
; setup SaveKey:
    jsr     SetupSaveKey        ; 6+927
    bcc     .noSKfound          ; 2/3

; write high score:
    ldx     #SK_BYTES-1         ; 2 = 937   
    lda     skBuffer,x          ; 4
    jsr     i2c_txbyte          ;6+296      transmit to EEPROM
    dex                         ; 2
    bpl     .loopWriteSK        ; 2/3=932

; stop write:
    jsr     i2c_stopwrite       ; 6+42=48   terminate write and commit to memory
    rts                         ; 6

ReadSaveKey SUBROUTINE          ; total cycles = 2440 (for 3 bytes)
; setup SaveKey:
    jsr     SetupSaveKey        ;6+927
    bcc     .noSKfound          ; 2/3

; start read:
    jsr     i2c_stopwrite       ;6+42       end of "fake" write
    jsr     i2c_startread       ;6+284      Start signal and $a1 command byte

; read high score:
    ldx     #SK_BYTES-1         ; 2 = 1275
    jsr     i2c_rxbyte          ;6+333      read byte from EEPROM
    cmp     #$ff                ; 2         EEPROM slot empty? (we are assuming $ff for uninitialized space)
    bne     .skipEmptySK        ; 2/3        no, skip clear
    lda     #0                  ; 2         clear EEPROM slot
    sta     skBuffer,x          ; 4
    dex                         ; 2
    bpl     .loopReadSK         ; 2/3=1061

; stop read:
    jsr     i2c_stopread        ;6+92=98    terminate read
    rts                         ; 6

SetupSaveKey SUBROUTINE         ; = 927
; detect SaveKey:
    jsr     i2c_startwrite      ;6+312
    bne     .exitSK             ; 2/3

; setup address:
    clv                         ; 2
    lda     #>SAVEKEY_ADR       ; 2         upper byte of address
    jsr     i2c_txbyte          ;6+296
    lda     #<SAVEKEY_ADR       ; 2         lower byte offset
    jmp     i2c_txbyte          ;3+296      returns C==1


; 176 bytes in total (less if you inline the subroutines)

I hope this answers all questions. Else let me know. icon_smile.gif

SaveKey & AtariVox memory allocation list

i2c_v2.2.inc 5.18 kB · 253 downloads

i2c_v2.3.inc 5.35 kB · 247 downloads

Hello, do you have example program using this in bB please?


How do I actually call the methods?

Do I do something like WriteSaveKey $3001 = s? S being the variable? Thank you

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