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The wonderful world of Jasco...

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Bought this for 12 dollars and 98 cents on ebay. I know its a lot. But I lost the little coax to phono adapter for my atari 2600 rj and sears telegames. Its so tiny I keep loosing those. I have one with the pin sticking out instead of the hole. But still I keep misplacing these. I thought this is big enough to not misplace. And it has 2 holes to mount. So anyhow it works on my 2600s. One end in the hole (the side with the 3 things). And the other end in my vcr or back of tv. And middle switch on the box of course. Picture is great.


Anyhow I could not find my super nintendo rf cord tonight. So I thought of trying this. The nintendo/super nintendo version grey box is automatic. But this still works as you can see in the pics. I wasn't sure but it does. I used the same white cord I use for my 2600 JR. One end in the super nintendo rf plug hole and in the jasco box hole (middle of the side with the 3 things.) And the other end coax cord into my vcr. Tune to channel 3 and when I turned it on surprisingly it works. So no need for the official rf box nintendos came with. Pretty cool.


And it also works on my sega genesis 1 also. And both super nintendo and sega genesis produce very good sound.

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