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My Atari Lynx Collection

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My Atari Lynx collection and still building. This is still and probably always be my favorite handheld. Back in 1991, i was one of the only people in my neighborhood to have the Lynx, so I rarely got to use the comlink, LoL.

I own 2 LynxTwos (still waiting to get a Lynx1 first model), One of my Lynx2's is sent out to CowDog for modifications and installation of the new Mcwill screen with optional scan line,as well as new speakers and capacitors.


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Very nice collection! I need to start posting in here soon myself! My handhelds at least...lol

All these years I been on AtariAge, that's the first pic of any of my retro video collection I ever posted...LoL.....I will he posting my Atari 7800,2600,jaguar and 5200 collection too...also my vetrex,new, SNES, nes64, gameboy advance, and some more. ?

I'll be getting my other lynx in mail this month with Mcwill LCD replacement too. That I'm really looking forward to.

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