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Atari game chronology


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One of the fascinating things about Atari is that no one seems to know when the games came out! I'm exaggerating a bit but it's strange how even late era games take a lot of detective work to figure out when they were released.


I've been trying to put together a list of the 1st party games in order of release. I used the Atariage rarity guide, the catalog scans, the Giant list of 2600 Label Variations, and some message board posts to put this together. It's too large to type in here so I attached the .doc file. If you guys would rather it be in the post (all 5 pages of it), I can do that.


I'm hoping you guys know a whole lot that I don't (highly likely) so that maybe we can tinker with this and make it as complete as possible.


It's in my favorite Atari font, MumboSSK (love that slanted e). If it comes out very garbled, hopefully a quick change to a standard font will fix it. it looks good on my end.



Atari 2600 Chronological.doc

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