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As I demonstrated before in another thread here. With a masterplay clone and a tototek psx to megadrive/genesis adapter I can play pacman on atari 5200 with a psx controller. One end of the tototek adapter goes to my psx controller. And the other end is hooked up in to my masterplay clone. And the masterplay clone goes to my atari 5200. Pacman works great with a psx controller with split dpad and 2 analog thumb sticks. You have to press the analog button. And only the left analog stick works. Not sure why the right is dead. Both my sticks are like that. So its probably not dead but just for atari only the left works. But still for pacman and some other games not bad. Missille command is all over the place and pole position is no good either. But great for centipede.


Any how I got curious if other psx controllers would work. I just ordered a PSX InterAct Ultra Racer controller. Will report when it arrives. And am also curious if a wheel and pedals will work for pole position. But I don't have any wheels and don't want to try every brand of wheel just to see if it works. But I have 4 dance pads at home. 2 psx, 1 nes nintendo 8 bit power pad, and 1 multi pad with psx, game cube, and original very first xbox hookups.


I thought it might not work. But surprisingly it works. I made a video to prove it. Very cool. I can play pacman with a dance pad. Some few bugs. But not a bad first start. Enjoy.


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The only way an UltraRacer can give you good results on a 5200 is with bohoki's PC (15 pin) to 5200 adapter (You'd have to purchase a PC UltraRacer). This is sending a proper analog signal into the 5200.


The typical Playstation steering controller plugged into the Tototek adapter and then into the Masterplay Interface Clone will not work right on Pole Position (or other analog-only games such as Super Breakout). The reason is that the Masterplay Clone is only seeing the signal sent by a PSX controller as being digital- not analog. There may be some unique Playstation steering controllers that may allow the car to steer with a digital signal, though... not sure about that.

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I've got a PSX64 adapter that lets me connect PlayStation peripherals to any Atari standard digital input, i.e. not for the 5200 but for other models, a C64 and so on. So far I've mostly used it with Guitar Hero to play Shredz64 (C64) and Tracker Hero (Amiga) but earlier this year I connected a PS2 dance mat and played some games. I find most of them rather difficult to control with your feet. I tried Pac-Man, Boulder Dash, Rainbow Walker, some shooters etc.


Games like Decathlon however are great for the dance mat. I also enjoyed Mogul Maniac for the Atari 8-bit computers, which originally was sold with the Amiga Joyboard (or at least the 2600 version, perhaps the 8-bit computer version never came to retail). I found the dance mat is a very entertaining replacement for the Joyboard, although it doesn't work exactly in the same way. Pole Position for the Atari 8-bit was almost playable with the dance mat since it accelerates by itself and you only need to steer in the curves and brake eventually.

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