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Extended basic line length?


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Hello, been a while since I been on here, and if Ciro is reading this I will eventually get around to scannining Panic on the Titanic cassette insert, anyway back to my question. I have found a copy of millers graphics night mission on the net which lists how the program works complete with the full program for both cassette version and disk version keypad and joystick. So i am typing in the listing on win99a but nearly all the lines listed are to long to enter, so i tried it on my real Ti extended basic and that to has the same problem. How do I type in longer lines other than splitting them as i am trying?

Thanks for any help.

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You have to type the line in for a while (until it stops letting you type more) and you hit enter. Then From the command line, type the line number and the key to let you edit the line (Up or Down arrow will both do this, IIRC). Move your cursor to the end of the line, and you will find that you can type in the rest of the line. . .even though it stopped you at that point when doing the original input. It is one of the curious "features" of Extended BASIC that is exploited quite often in programs.

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RXB has CALL USER("DSK#.DV80FILE") and you can use a text editor to put in the lines longer then any other XB ever made allows.


This allows a BATCH file loader and overrides the normal Keyboard input so Text can take the place of typing also no line length problems exist.


Anything you could do typing in a program by hand can be done by a Text Batch file from CALL USER.


(No other XB made for the TI has this built in Feature.)



At 7:15 is the longest line you will ever see in XB.


This one demos RXB 2015 D that had the REDO key fixed and compatible with CALL USER:


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ah, is this the reason why Classic99 has the "Paste XB" ?




Here is what @Tursi says in his manual for Classic99:


Edit → Paste XB
This functions the same as Edit->Paste, except that the data is assumed to be pasting into Extended
BASIC. Spaces will be removed from strategic locations, and the XB input buffer will be artificially
enlarged during the paste. This should allow most listings to be pasted without long lines being
truncated. Never use this function if Extended BASIC is not running, it may crash the application you are
running, and corrupt the text you are attempting to paste. It may not work in other variants of XB besides
TI's original.



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Type until you reach the end of the 4th line then press ENTER. Now press FCTN-8 (REDO) to bring up the line again, which will enable you to go beyond the 4 lines.

Or use RXB CALL USER and load lines that way from a Text File.


This was created in RXB version 2001 long before Classic99 was created with a cut and paste into XB.


RXB 2015 E now also has the REDO key feature back in RXB but you can also use CALL USER too!

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