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Flash ROM Cart


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No worries, Chris, I share your general sentiment.


My interpretation of this conversation is more like "ok, now that we got this, how can we use/abuse/hack this thing to do what it's not supposed to do?" -- to me, that's the typical hacker spirit. And then everyone jumps in to discuss if this hack is possible or not, and how to do it best. The usefulness of the result is often secondary for hackers.


And I like Ω's posts, as he always seeks out new "business opportunities" for everything that happens on AA, which is something I totally don't.

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I agree to a point, yes, guys like us just would stuff a Lotharek HxC in there for sure, but when it comes to the consumer, sometimes their thinking is different. For all I know, a user could be a purist, who wants to keep their system stock. I’ve noticed on more than one occasion that cartridges seem to get around those peoples self-imposed limitation(s), so this little gadget could possibly give them some extra utility.


Other factors could come into play like: wife issues, retirement/limited income (lack of money), or even where they are currently at in the hobby, etc. The more options the better has always been my motto! :)


Sometimes the user’s level or inventory can dictate choices as well. I see this gadget as a way to get more people into the TI. I really believe this thing WILL inspire a few people to actually buy a TI console. Once they get their console, they might want to upgrade later, so again this device might have the future potential to help them get stuff over to their newly acquired TI’s... if my suggestion ever bears fruit. It was just an idea.


When I throw out ideas, it’s as a conversation starter, something for people to consider, a way to increase interest or excitement about someone’s new device, or at the very least something more for the search engines to 'glom' onto to bring more people to our little corner of the internet. It is never to volunteer anyone for anything. I like to throw things up against the wall 'to see what sticks'. Sometimes it bears fruit, sometimes it doesn't.


Believe me, I know first-hand software is not easy. If it was, I and everyone here would be doing it. I truly hope bringing up ideas is not getting confused with demanding someone actually do something. I quite often see alternative uses for things, and well if the suggestion helps sell more items for builder... who can complain, right?


Remember that kid with the VW Bug? ;) It may not have been a Cadillac, but it still got you from point A to B, well most of the time. If someone can't afford a Cadillac, I hope a BUG is available!

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Plural? You sound like our kind guy! Welcome! :)

Thanks, indeed plural - somehow I have ended with three of these machines, the latest being the beige later days TI 99/4A that I had to piece together from a couple of faulty ones. Have managed to collect a few carts for them, but certainly a ROM multicart would be a very welcome addition :-)

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Thanks for your patience, I think we're ready to release the project.

The FlashROM 99 supports ROM-only images of up to 32K that use the write-to->60xx bank switching scheme. It will not work with programs using GROMs or CRU-based bank switching. The cartridge does not require the PEB and runs on both PAL and NTSC consoles.

For detailed information about the FlashROM 99, please refer to the homepage. This page will tell you how to use the cart, how to handle images, how the cart works on a high level, and potential compatibility issues of individual images.

The GitHub repository contains all files required to build the FlashROM 99 from scratch, and you're encouraged to do so. To simplify things I'm also offering professionally made PCBs, pre-programmed ATmega 8515s, complete kits and fully assembled carts, shipping worldwide. Please send inquiries by PM or by mail to <r@0x01.de> (preferred).

Note that the FlashROM 99 is a hobby project, and I'm not a Chinese factory. :) Parts are shipped right away, but assembled carts may take a few weeks before they're ready. If demand is very high, I'll give some preference to active members of the AtariAge TI community.

Finally, many thanks go to the testers Jim, Jon, and Oliver, for assembling their prototypes and throwing all sorts of images at it.

The FlashROM 99 is open source hardware, and everyone is invited to study its design and contribute improvements, be it software or hardware!

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