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Intellivision HSC Season #7 - Game 1 - Mission X

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*Intellivision HSC Season 7*


(Game 1)


Mission X


Mission X by Mattel Electronics 1982-83
You control a World War II plane, bombing enemy targets and shooting down
enemy planes.


ROM Download Link



High Score Club Record

103,520 by ed1475


Game Setting



Contest Ends





1. 149,890 Ignorama +15 (NEW RECORD +1 +1)

2. 109,350 Oscar G +14 (+1)

3. 84,000 LidLikesIntellivision +13

4. 72,190 JacobZu7zu7 +12

5. 56,150 ed1475 +11

6. 37,470 MangiaBoy +10

7. 27,620 darthkur +9

8. 19,730 m-crew +8

9. 17,660 S.BAZ +7

10. 12,440 jblenkle +6

11. 9,280 patbb +5

12. 6,330 roadrunner +4

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What is the end date of this round?


~April 3rd~ When midnight hits on Sunday night eastern time.


Sorting some new rules for this HSC.... see the updated thread,



I think Intellivision game players will like!

Edited by JacobZu7zu7
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I am happy to know that the HSC is running again. Thanks to Liduario and Ignorama for the heads up and to Jacob for taking over as moderator.


I am enclosing my first score. Mission X is a fun game and one of my favourites. Seems that all the Data East conversions on the Intellivision are fantastic! We should organise a special "Data East mini-tournament" ;)


Cheers and I look forward to playing the next games...


Oscar Guerra (1st submission)

Score: 54,040

Hits: 251





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