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I got a new pillow yesterday. Last night, I had some really weird dreams. Coincidence? My dreams were so funny, yet at the same time they were really bizarre. It was like I was watching an episode of Tim and Eric on steroids. I remember myself laughing in my sleep because this was weird stuff going on with weird Muppets, like for instance, one girl Muppet was thinking she was combing her long hair, but she was doing it with scissors and was actually cutting her hair in the process. Then she used the scissors to brush her teeth and she was actually cutting the teeth right out of her mouth. And some really strange stuff involving the number 27. And, well, other really bizarre stuff I can't remember. But it did give me some ideas to use for a really weird show that I could start filming for myself. Perhaps someone stuck LSD in the pillow. Perhaps that's why it was the best pillow I ever had.

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