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lowercase i (WiP)

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Discovered a bug pertaining to adding 30 to the score. I think I fixed it by making the ketchup bottle only be worth 25 health points instead of 30. I don't know what I'm doing pertaining to score addition, but I tried it here and it works, only it's 25 instead of 30.

By the way, does anyone have any ideas for new screens for this game?

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It took a while but I have made the game 8k. Had a lot of trouble with stuff acting weird in bank 1, but I settled it (I think.) Didn't add anything new except for once you beat the last screen it goes to a new blank screen where you can't move. This is because I still haven't thought up of anything yet. So from bank 3 where it starts, it jumps to bank 1, then to bank 0. Right now bank 2 is completely empty. I'll have to add a little bit of code in bank 3 to make it jump to bank 2 when I'm ready to work on bank 2. Just started on bank 0. Hopefully I have room in bank 3 to add about 6 lines of code. Bank 1 didn't like it when I tried to do that. It got upset at me and stuff acted weird.


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Thought of an idea: Have a race between you and an H. If you touch the H, you go back to the beginning of the screen. The object is to beat the H to the other side of the screen so you don't touch him. This took hours to do. The first attempt didn't go very well, and took up 1,040 or so bytes of code. But I kept doing it and got it down to 865 bytes. That was hard. And hot. I'm hot in here.


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