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atari's polo


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The green box, text label Polo was released at the "Philly Classic 3" gaming convention in 2002. I'm pretty sure that it was a limited production run of 200 units.


The red label Polo was released the following year at the "Philly Classic 4" gaming convention. I *think* that it was a production run of 150 but I'm not 100% sure about that. I actually just sent Cassidy a message earlier today asking if he could confirm the production numbers for me. I'll get back to you if he responds.

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Warner Communications owned both Atari and Polo so they wanted to do that. Didn't Warner Communications also own Nickelodeon and Chuck E. Cheese? Maybe there could be a Nick game for the 2600 or a Chuck E Cheese game.

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Pretty much every Atari product tie-in was done because Warner wanted to cross-promote something else they owned (DC Comics, Franklin Mint). I think Warner only owned Chuck E. Cheese because Bushnell started it while he was still at Atari. Once he left, he took Chuck with him. I'm sure I have the details completely wrong, but it wasn't a Warner property any time they would have been doing tie-in games.

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