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Atari 822 40 column dot matrix printer?

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I am in dire need of one of these units. It is to actually put to work in my efforts. I am not a true collector as I throw a lot of docs and boxes away. I am a total fan of the 1020, and for all I know a 1027 brand new in box might work for a week( gotta be a fix on that!)


Anyone .. Beuler Beuler Beuler????

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I here ya. I have been on the lookout for an 822 for years. I am fortunate to have a working 820, love it. I used the 1027 for many years, put it away. When I tried to use it, the letters flew apart. No known fix for the 1027s. I think Brad at Best threw all his away. I should have salvaged the I/O ports.

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