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Gems Of War

Cobra Kai

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So anyone playing Gems of War? It's one of those FTP games by the makers of Puzzle Quest. It's actually kind of bad ass. Mix your typical match 3 game with Diablo 3 and Magic the Gathering, that's a good description.


Anyway, I have a guild. If u want in post your invite code here. Guilds offer more rewards and bonuses than if you are just by yourself. It requires nothing from you on a gameplay basis other than donating gold to the guild for more rewards. Good game, check it out.

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Its a free to play Puzzlequest. I played the crap out of it on PS4 cause it was "free". Then tried it on PC and it was way better with hero classes and other features although I think consoles got the patch recently to add all those (but I think consoles still don't have classes).


I liked it a lot but there's a big catch for me, it never really "ends" because its a free to play port of a phone\tablet app. Once you finished all of the kingdoms, you can either do PvP, redo the last star of each challenge, or the arena. It got to the point where I got tired of grinding even with a guild and realized it ate up too much of my time better spent elsewhere.


I enjoyed my stay but wont be going back anytime soon so to sum it up again it's good but without paying extra became a major timesink for me.

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