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Atari 8-bit Cartridge Trades

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Most of your 'have to trade' list is most of my want list. Then your want list is just about the same as mine. I'm doubly out of your collection range. And here I was thinking my collection was pretty good. .. . . .

Well, anyway all my good luck to you. I know it's out there somewhere.

Please if you find any, make backups that you can upload for the all to use, and for archival significance!

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Guess no one has those carts you need (that's my case), or if they do they don't want to part with them. That doesn't seem unexpected really?


Actually to me, that is unexpected.... :)

Interest seems to be dropping fast, prices with it.

As we get older, it seems less and less are interested in this stuff.


I was really hoping to not have to wait for someone's grandchildren to sell off a collection to get some of these :) I know my kids playfully tell me they sell them all off for a $1 each...


Or it's a good time to get 1,2....3 carts for the trade of one :)

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