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Apple // Word Processors


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Hi all, I collect vintage word processors and have over 40 for the Commodore and I am starting to collect them for the Apple //. I have a had a harder time getting a good list together of word processors for the Apple // than I did for the Commodore.


Can you tell me what I am missing on this list? What forgotten gems are out there? I generated this list looking through InCider magazine 1983-1986.


Apple Writer


Mouse Write*

PFS Write*

Master Write*

Fleet System


Word Perfect

Write Away

Pen Pal


Letter Perfect


Cut and Paste

Pie Writer

Better Working Word Processor

Brown Bag

Bank Street Writer*

Sierra Homeword*


* indicates that I own a copy of this word processor for the Apple //


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Magic Window I & II


And then all the ones for the z-80 CP/M card. And the one in ProTerm comm software - its more a text editor like NotePad, but I wrote several books back in the day using it. There's more, but my head hurts from the RetroVGS thread.

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There is:



Magic Window I & II

Proterm 3.1 has a very nice word processor

Dot writer



Publish It









There are also some screen editors that can save text files



Print shop has a limited screen editor for text and graphics



I believer some of the terminal programs and BBS software have text editors as well






Apple BBS





There are also some text editors as a stack in Hypercard and Hyperstudio.


You can run word processors if you have a PC transporter card, CPM card, Pascal


There may be some text editors for all the languages the apple II can support, such as, Logo, Integer Basic, Micol Basic, Zbasic, Rade, Forth, Super Basic, TML basic, Gammasoft basic, Beagle basic


I have a small screen editor that is my favorite, cause I wrote it, that can save up to 10 pages to a text file (I call it "Note.Taker" :)



Let me know if you need disk images for all these. I can zip what I have and send them your way.


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